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At ArganCity, our mission is to provide online marketing services that deliver maximum results. We are proud to offer a comprehensive package of services that focus on maximizing our clients' potential through proven methods. Specializing in increasing ROI from performance-based campaigns, ArganCity offers advertisers and publishers a wide range of high-performance media solutions.





List Management - Let ArganCity leverage your permission database for you. We will store and maintain your data including managing new subscribers, cancellation requests, bad records and more. In addition to providing an additional revenue stream from your existing database, ArganCity also offers the comfort of knowing that your data is being managed with the utmost care in compliancy.

Data Analysis - ArganCity takes the time to analyze your data. Thorough data analysis is crucial to successful performance. Good analysis can reveal information about your subscribers that will allow us to craft campaigns that will not only be successful, but will also help you maintain a clean and healthy subscriber base. ArganCity will strategically target campaigns that are best suited to your data so that maximum revenue is achieved.

Targeting - ArganCity targets specific campaigns to deliver to selected subscribers at the best time. Past behaviors help us determine future actions. Continuous monitoring of subscribers actions allows us to pinpoint comparable patterns of behavior.

Data Cleansing - The health of your data is vital to creating and maintaining a successful list management experience. Prior to sending out any campaigns, ArganCity will take the time to cleanse your list. We look for and eliminate records that contain incomplete data, known problems, and duplicate records.

Segmentation - In short, send specific offers to specific groups. Segmenting your list allows the targeting of campaigns for specific subscribers to your list.

Data Encryption - Preserving the privacy of your list subscribers is our top priority. We always encrypt our data to prevent unauthorized access to your list